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John Gervasi PhotoArts is a photographic and videographic arts service. Accordingly, I help you look professional and create the perfect first impression. Therefore, my photos and videos can accelerate your networking and promotion, through attention-grabbing headshots, portraits, and branding videos.

Also, I provide additional services including event photography and videography as well as general video recording and production services. These services include commercial, industrial, and residential space photography and videography.


Being right-brained, I have always been a creative type of person, both in my personal and professional life. Although, over the years, my visual arts work has always been a hobby. But, I was able to pursue it off hours during my career as an IT Solutions Architect and Systems Engineer. Therefore, I had two outlets for my creativity.

Few get to enjoy two passions during their lifetime. Even fewer get paid for doing both. But all during my IT career, I was gaining experience in a hobby that I would eventually turn into a full-time business. And, my IT career gave me the business perspective I need to help you succeed in your career or business.

Now Retired after a 50-year IT Career

It started for me in 1970 at the age of 19 while in the US Navy. And it ended when I retired from my IT career in January 2022. Now I can focus my full attention on helping you succeed in your career or business by providing you with headshots, portraits, branding videos, video production, and event photography and videography services.


My IT career allowed me to travel the world from Hawaii to Saudi Arabia. During my travels, I created fine art landscapes, cityscapes, nature, and street photography.

Accordingly, my travels enabled me to gain many years of experience in fine-art photography.  And I sold my fine-art work through Getty Images and Alama Stock Photos.

But my part-time editorial photography for On Tap and District Fray magazines exposed me to photographing total strangers. That is when I decided to focus on portrait photography and headshots.

Knowledge and Skills

I have a full range of photography and videography knowledge and skills. They go well beyond the technical basics of the camera, lighting, and composition.

Through my affiliation with Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew, I have learned the skills necessary to coach and guide my clients throughout the process. Consequently, I have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to capture the best in people. Especially those who claim that they do not photograph well or just hate being in front of the camera.

Results You Can See

You need a coach and guide like me who can bring out your professionalism, character, capabilities, approachability, and confidence. Lastly, don’t take my word for it, see what my clients are saying about my service.

Free Valuable Resources

Download your free copy of “Branding for Business Success” to learn how to accelerate networking and promotion with Branding Videos.

You should also download your free copy of my “Photography and Videography Preparation Guide” to look your best for your session.

About the Business

John Gervasi PhotoArts is a Veteran owned, insured, and fully licensed business. Its service area includes all locations in northern Virginia and the greater DC area.

John Gervasi, MBA, BS CS
Photographer and Videographer
Computer Systems Engineer – Retired

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