Branding videos for professionals and businesses add another dimension to your brand expression and position you or your business ahead of the crowd.

Branding videos will accelerate networking and propagate brand awareness.

Know that consumers rely more on video content than a photo to deliver concise, accurate information before they make a decision.

A well-produced video can be more informative and engaging than a photo, document or brochure, and take less time to consume.

Download your free copy of “Branding for Business Success” to see how I can help you create your brand video.

According to a study by Wyzowl:
96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.
84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.
79% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy or download a piece of software or app by watching a video.

Branding Video Pricing

Branding video services are available both in-studio or at your location.

In-Studio Branding Video Pricing

Includes up to 2 hours of In-Studio  Recording
Production of  up to 120 Seconds of Video
Requires a $300 Session Deposit When Scheduled
See Below for Details of What’s Included

On-Location Branding Video Pricing

Includes up to 2 hours of On-Location Recording
Production of up to 120 Seconds of Video
Requires a $300 Session Deposit When Scheduled
See Below for Details of What’s Included


The process is simple and I will work closely with you the entire way, from script development to final production.

Download your free copy of my “Photography and Videography Preparation Guide” so you will look your best for your session.

Instead, you can click these links if you are looking for  General Video Production or Event Video Recording.


Book your free phone consultation first, and then your branding videography session.

You choose the date and time that fits your schedule. Work demands change, so your scheduled session can too. Simply use the reschedule option in your confirmation email.


It is a collaborative and flexible session with satisfaction guaranteed. You will be coached along the way and see your video as it is created. We will fine-tune your expression and pose to get the best look for your video. Preparation is key. You should be very familiar with the elevator pitch that we will work on together outside of the video session. 


Your video will be professionally edited for best audio and color graded.  Intros and outros created to your requirements. Your selected underscore music will be integrated with your video and audio to make a finished product. The video will then be formatted to meet your requirements and delivered via download or thumb drive.

Schedule Your Branding Video Session

Please request your free phone consultation first so that we can discuss your requirements and expectations before the session.

There is a $300 deposit required to reserve your scheduled session.

I use PayPal for Billing But You Don’t Need a PayPal Account, Just a Credit Card.

What’s Included with Your Branding Video Session

Pre-session Review and Comment on Your Brand Statement
Pre-session Review, Editing, and Prepping of Your Elevator-Pitch Script
Two-Hour Session Expertly Coached and Directed
All Professional Video, Audio, and Lighting Equipment
Use of a Teleprompter/Autoque
Multi-Camera (Dual Perspective) Video Recording
Expert Posing & Expression Coaching
Multiple Backgrounds Including Green Screen for Background Branding
Customized Intro and Outro Graphics (Motion Graphics Optional)
Clip Transitions and Dissolves
Open or Closed Captioning
Royalty-Free Underscore Music
Video Editing for Exposure, White Balance, Color Grading, Contrast, etc.
Unlimited right to publicly display, exhibit, publish and copy the video
Your choice of HD or UHD (4K) Video Resolution at 24 FPS
MP4 Video File Format with H.264 or H.265 Encoding for the highest-quality recording
Private Download or Thumb Drive Video Delivery

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