Capture The Essence of Your Commercial, Industrial, Or Office Spaces with My Real Estate Photos and Immersive Video Tours.

Combine Photos with Video Tours, to Let Customers or Clients See Where and How Your Services Are Provided Or Products Are Produced.

Incorporate Profile Videos to Establish a Personal Connection And Emotional Bond Between Your Clients/Customers And Your Principals and Staff.

I Tailor My Photos and Videos to Meet Your Specific Requirements and Align with Your Unique Brand Needs.

Request your free phone consultation today to explore your real estate photo and video options best suited for your business or Request a quote specifying what you need.


jgphotoarts - Commercial and Residential Property Photos - Rehab Training Center
jgphotoarts - Commercial and Residential Property Photos - Rehab Training Center
jgphotoarts - Commercial and Residential Property Photos - Rehab Training Center
jgphotoarts - Commercial and Residential Property Photos - Rehab Training Center

Convey visual information about your commercial, industrial, and office properties, with photos.

 We process visuals a staggering 60,000 times faster than text. By utilizing captivating photographs, you can engage your audience swiftly and effectively, leaving a lasting impression.

 Visually appealing photographs showcase your properties, captivate your audience, and convey information effortlessly.

Maximize engagement, enhance user experiences, and achieve your marketing goals in a cost-efficient manner.

Real Estate Photos Pricing

All Pricing Includes Building Exterior Photos if Desired

Interior Detail Photos are Available Upon Request

Client is Responsible for Interior Space Staging

Pricing is Based On Interior Space Size

Up to 10,000 sq ft – $195

10,000 to 20,000 sq ft – $290

20,000 to 40,000 sq ft – $385

More Than 40,000 sq ft – Request a Quote

What’s Included With Your Real Estate Photos

All Photos Are Culled for Quality and Edited

Client is Provided With Photos From Different Perspectives For Each Interior Space

Prices are Inclusive, Including Travel Time

Photos Are Delivered in JPEG Format  Via Download Within 48 Hours (Other File Formats Available Upon Request)

Real Estate Videos

Below is a sample of my video work with Ortho Virginia. This video was produced in conjunction with Ortho Virginia and its video production subcontractor.

Real Estate Videos

Property Video Tours Offer a Level of Captivation That Surpasses Static Photos.

Consumers Place Greater Reliance on Video Content as It Delivers Concise And Accurate Information, Aiding Them In Making Informed Decisions.

Incorporating a Practitioner’s Narration into Your Video Tours, will add Another Dimension To Your Customers’ Understanding, Establish A Deeper Connection, And Enhance Their Comprehension Of Your Unique Value Proposition.

Compared To Photos, Documents, Or Brochures, Videos Provide a More Informative And Engaging Experience. They Efficiently Convey Your Message, Captivate Viewers, And Incite Action.

Moreover, Video Tours Leave a Lasting Impact on Your Customers And Are Easier To Consume. They Improve Brand Recall and Foster Loyalty, As They Provide an Immersive And Memorable Experience That Resonates With Your Viewers.

Embrace The Power Of Professionally Produced Video Tours To Elevate Your Visual Marketing Strategy. With Their Ability to Inform, Engage, And Inspire Action, They Will Leave A Lasting Impression, Enhance Brand Loyalty, And Drive Results For You And Your Business.


Gimbal System for Motion-Stabilized Video
Customized Intro And Outro Graphics
W/Wo Royalty-Free Underscore Music
W/Wo Voiceover Narration
W/Wo Actor Narration
Open Or Closed Captioning
Clip Transitions And Dissolves
Your Choice Of HD Or UHD (4K) Video
Private Download Or Thumb-Drive Video Delivery

Please Specify Your Requirements’ Details In Your Quote Request

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