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Welcome to John Gervasi PhotoArts, your premier photography and videography arts service. Whether you’re an individual entrepreneur or you run a business, I am dedicated to helping you or your business stand out in a crowded marketplace.


Being right-brained, I have always nurtured my creativity in both my personal and professional life. While my visual arts work initially remained a hobby, I seized the opportunity to pursue it alongside my career as an IT Solutions Architect and Systems Engineer. This allowed me to channel my creativity through two outlets, a rare privilege that I deeply cherish. Not many people get to enjoy two passions simultaneously, and even fewer get the chance to be paid for both.

Now Retired after a 50-year IT Career

My journey in the world of IT began in 1970 during my service in the US Navy at the age of 18. It concluded with my retirement in January 2022. From my early days as a software engineer to my later years as a Chief Architect or Chief Engineer on various IT programs, I acquired invaluable business experience and a unique perspective that equips me to help you succeed in your career or business. Now, I can devote my full attention to providing you with the comprehensive photography and videography services you need.


Throughout my IT career, I had the privilege of traversing the globe, from Hawaii to Saudi Arabia. During my travels, I seized every opportunity to capture the beauty of landscapes, cityscapes, nature, and street scenes in fine art photography.  The years of exploration and photography contributed to my growth as a fine art photographer, and I had the privilege of selling my work through esteemed platforms such as Getty Images, 500px, and Alama Stock Photos.

Moreover, my part-time editorial photography for On Tap and District Fray magazines provided me with exposure to photographing people during events. This particular experience taught me how to interact with strangers on the other side of my camera. That experience gave me the confidence to focus on providing photography and videography services for working professionals and their businesses.

I have recently broadened the scope of my business to encompass videography tailored for business professionals and their enterprises. With the subsiding concerns of COVID-19, I’ve also reintroduced my event photography and videography services. Additionally, I’ve ventured into Real Estate Photography and Videography, incorporating many services important to commercial and residential real estate management companies, brokers, and agents. I obtained my FAA UAS commercial pilot’s license in 2023, ensuring a heightened level of expertise and safety in delivering top-notch aerial (drone) services.

Results You Can See

I have provided my services to a broad range of clients who have all been very satisfied with my work. But don’t just take my word for it—take a look at how my clients rave about the outstanding quality of my service.

Free Valuable Resources

To accelerate your networking and promotional efforts through Brand / Profile Videos, I invite you to download a free copy of “Branding for Business Success.” This resource provides valuable insights on leveraging videos for your branding or executive profiling purposes.

Additionally, make sure to download your complimentary copy of my “Photography and Videography Preparation Guide.” This guide will assist you in looking your best during your session, ensuring you make a strong visual impact.

About the Business

John Gervasi PhotoArts is a Veteran owned, insured, and fully licensed business. Its service area includes all locations in northern Virginia and the greater DC area.

John Gervasi, MBA, BS CS
Photographer and Videographer
FAA-Licensed UAS (Drone) Pilot
Lockheed Martin Fellow, Emeritus
Computer Systems Engineer and Architect – Retired

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